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investing definitions

Basic Investing guide for the New Investor
Over 40 pages of investing definitions. Plus, learn about Mutual Funds, IRA's, 401k's, Budgeting, and more with this easy to understand investment guide


Easy To Understand Definitions
New to investing? Click on these definitions: Diversification, Asset Allocation, Mutual Funds, and Dollar Cost Averaging, and Compounding. This should give you some of the basics needed to get started. Click on other definitions that you may be interested in, then visit our Mutual Funds page to get started.

Budgeting. LowerMyBills
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Compounding Strong
Your money grows faster because of interest and dividends.
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) Strong
For retirement. Traditional and Roth
Dividend Reinvestment Plans Sharebuilder
Information on investing in individual stocks for the long term investor. Very inexpensive and no minimums.
Financial Planning
1. Establish goals 2. Gather data 3. Analyze data 4. Develop plan for achieving goals 5. Implement plan and 6. Monitor the plan
401k Retirement Accounts Strong
Company sponsored retirement accounts
Online Trading and Definitions
Using your computer to buy and sell stocks and mutual funds. Convenient and inexpensive.
Index Funds
Remains constantly invested in the stocks that make up the Index chosen regardless of economic conditions. Low expenses and low taxes.
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) AMEX
Index funds that trade like stocks. No minimum investment, but you must pay a commission on trades.
Annuities The Vanguard Group
Tax deferred growth for retirement. Sometimes high expenses.
Bonds Strong
Interest bearing certificate
College Plans: UTMA, IRA, 529 Plans Tiaa-Cref
For college saving. Tax advantages.
Mutual Funds Strong
Several to thousands of individual stocks that you pay someone to manage for you.
Dollar Cost Averaging Strong
Placing money into an investment regularly (monthly, quartely, etc..)
Leaving Your Employer Invesco
What to do with your 401k after leaving your employer
Diversification The Vanguard Group
Owning investments that are not in same industry or business
Asset Allocation Strong
Percentages allocated to different types of investments (cash, stocks, bonds, etc...)
Load vs No-Load Mutual Funds The Vanguard Group
Funds which have a sales charge vs. funds that do not. Cost comparisons
Stock Definitions
Definitions pertaining to individual stocks and stock trading

Quick Definitions:

Balanced Fund: Fund investing in balance of stocks, bonds, and cash protecting principle
Growth Fund
: Invests in companies of all sizes whose earnings are expected to grow faster than average

Growth and Income Fund
: Invests in companies expected to show average or better earnings growth with steady dividends

Equity-Income Fund
: Seeks income and growth by investing in bonds and stocks which pay high dividends


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The Financial Ad Trader
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